Wednesday, June 27, 2018

DW documentary: Relationships, love, and sex are becoming rare in Japan

Porno-mangas, sexless marriages, & life-sized rubber sex dolls - interesting Deutsche Welle (Eng.) documentary about love-life in modern Japan.

Manga heroines instead of real women: relationships, love, and sex are becoming rare in Japan. The social impact is enormous: birth rates are so low that the Japanese population could plunge by one-third by 2060.

No romantic relationships, no sex and no children: why are the Japanese increasingly turning their backs on love and sex? One reason is that life in Japan is very stressful. Long work hours, intense pressure to succeed and a high cost of living aren’t the best backdrop for love and romance. Instead, an entire industry in Japan has arisen to capitalize on loneliness - solo weddings, for example. Young women dress in white wedding dresses and pose for the camera - but without getting married. Japan is also a world leader in the production of pornographic films. Many men seem to prefer manga heroines to real women. Japanese men and women are increasingly unable to find ways to meet and get to know each other. It’s no wonder that flirting and seduction classes are booming.

source; watch video

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