Thursday, July 06, 2017

архивные фото, human nature

People bringing their dogs for destruction because of the raised dogs tax, Berlin, 1926.
Очередь на уничтожение животных – из-за повышения налога на собак. Берлин, 1926 год

Хохочущий Освенцим
Эсэсовцы-офицеры и охранники концларегя Освенцим на отдыхе. Фотографии сделаны в мае-декабре 1944 года.
источник; еще фото
In 2006, a photo album (known as “Laughing at Auschwitz”) created by Karl-Friedrich Höcker came to the attention of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; the album contains rare images of the life of German functionaries at Auschwitz while the camp remained in operation, including some of the few photos of Josef Mengele at Auschwitz.
These unique photographs were taken between May and December 1944, and they show the officers and guards relaxing and enjoying themselves -- as countless people were being murdered and cremated at the nearby death camp.
The images are significant because there are few photos available today of the "social life" of the SS officers who were responsible for the mass murder at Auschwitz, the Berliner Morgenpost newspaper writes. The paper claims that these are the first leisure time photos of the concentration camp's SS officers to be discovered, though similar images do exist for other camps, including Sachsenhausen, Dachau and Buchenwald.

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