Monday, June 26, 2017

Beautiful Villages of France. The backyard jungle - Arte TV

Beautiful Villages of France
Membership is not free, and every village has to pay an annual fee to the association. If a village does not respect the rules defined by the association, it may be excluded. Some villages also decided to quit the network after some years. The main criteria concern the aspect of the village: its population must not exceed 2,000 inhabitants, it must have a rural character and at least 2 national heritage sites. - source

Religion, geography, war, wealth and creativity all helped to shape the beautiful villages of France that still stand today.
- see Arte TV

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Merveilleux jardin (2014)

Merveilleux jardin - Le réveil du printemps

The Backyard Jungle/ Spring Awakening

By German documentalist Jan Haft

Merveilleux jardin - Le temps de la cueillette

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