Monday, July 20, 2015

The more trees, the happier we are

Когда ты в лесу, душа привыкает к телу.
От невыразимой зеленой гармонии не отвести глаз.
Пальцы легкого ветерка касаются всех ваших угловатостей.
Таникава Сюнтаро. Деревья – в двадцать строк

It seems like common sense...

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller (1793 – 1865) "Prater Landscape" (1830)

They believe that living close to parks and other green spaces is "essential to our physical, psychological and social well-being". Nature calms people and it also helps them psychologically rejuvenate. They are better able to handle challenges which come their way.

Research in Japan also found that older people lived for longer when their homes were within walking distance of a park or other green space.
Prof Kuo said: "In our studies, people with less access to nature show relatively poor attention or cognitive function, poor management of major life issues, and poor impulse control. The relationship between crime and vegetation is very clear: the more trees, the fewer crimes. It actually encourages people to use the spaces outside their homes which provides a natural form of surveillance. In fact, the data seem to indicate that if you have a landscape where you introduce well-maintained trees and grass, people will find that a safer environment."

Living near trees 'makes people live longer and feel happier'

Camille Pissarro (1830 – 1903) "Chestnut Trees at Osny" (1873)

It is almost an accepted wisdom that a property positioned on a pretty tree-lined street surrounded by shrubbery is more appealing than its counterpart on a concrete-clad bare and barren road.

Not only are trees beautiful but they are practical. They provide shade in the summer and then their leaves drop off, allowing light in when it is needed in winter. They are good for local climate change because they put water back into the atmosphere which cools the area. And they help biodiversity as tree-lined streets provide wildlife corridors for birds or insects to travel. Trees also encourage healthier lifestyles and studies have shown people are calmer when trees are in their environment.

Do trees on the streets make people happy?

A tree-lined neighborhood doesn't just look good, it actually makes you happier.
The greener the neighborhood, the happier the people reported they were, no matter how much they made, whether they were married, how healthy they were, or how nice their home was.
Trees and other greenery actually rank up with big life events, like marriage, in terms of how much they impact happiness; being around trees affects your overall satisfaction about a third as much as getting married, and a tenth as much as having a job.
Urbanization is a "potential threat to mental health and well-being," so cities need to prioritize green spaces.

Scientific Proof that Trees Make Us Happier

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Scientists have discovered that living near trees is good for your health.
They discovered OBVIOUS...

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