Sunday, November 30, 2014

Weight control tips

One man's advice (source):

Weigh yourself every day

Water is the key

Avoid processed foods; sugary drinks and fast food - Don’t have unhealthy food in the house (I am not a person with great discipline, so I protect myself against myself).

Make many small adjustments - Don’t kid yourself! I always tricked myself into thinking that I could stop with just 1 biscuit. It is not true for me. Once I take 1 biscuit, I usually end up taking 5. Best not to take the first…. Or simply accept to have 5.

Get 7 hours of quality sleep

Eat fish, vegetables and fruit where possible; salad is important

Ignore scientific evidence - First red wine was the answer to a long life. Then red wine was not healthy and the guy who claimed it was discredited. Then … Frankly, I don’t care. I love a glass of red wine, yoghurt, honey, a cup of coffee, sultana’s, the occasional burger and chips, etc. Let them prove what they want, as long as they let me make up my own mind.

I don’t do guilt - No matter what I eat, I don’t do guilt. My life is too short for guilt. That doesn’t mean I don’t try to do better, and I try to avoid the same situation. But I don’t do guilt. Ever.

Don’t shop when you are hungry - This is a very old rule, but it works.

Set a maximum weight limit - My target weight is 78kg. I don’t panic until I get over 80kg. But if I get over 80kg, I am very hard on myself until I get under 80kg.

Take time for dinner - Part of getting healthy is to change your relationship to eating. Switch off the TV when you eat. Get yourself a half a glass of wine with the meal. Take the time to talk to the family and ask about their day. Savor the food. Each meal is a precious moment in your life.

Get off that couch. Walk regularly - I read about 10 years ago that walking was good exercise. I laughed out loud and mocked the writer. But the joke was on me. It IS good exercise, and doing it with company is even better. You get to talk and to exercise. I also often walk or gently jog late at night alone, and then it is a time for simple reflection. It helps me keep my balance.
Do regular exercise; move more

Switch off the email - I work very hard, but I also make a conscious effort to switch off the work brain. After 6 pm, I don’t look at my email unless I have a critical deadline. I don’t look at email from Friday night to Sunday night. My family deserves my undivided attention. You might ask how this helps me lose weight, and I think it has to do with reducing stress and loosening up the body. I don’t know exactly why, but I know it is important in a big way.

Avoid snacks - Well, nothing to say. Most of the danger calories are consumed between meals, and late night.

Avoid diets - I will never diet. I can make many small adjustments that are natural, and are based on what my body likes and needs. It never feels like I am trying. Of course it also helps to eat healthy food during meals, but don’t get obsessed by it.

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