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Простые радости/ Maia Helles: My secret for a long life

— Нездоровы, брат, бывают только дураки да развратники, а ты меня знаешь: с утра до вечера занят, воздержан, ну и здоров.
— Слава Богу, — сказал сын, улыбаясь.
— Бог тут не при чем.
— Ходить надо, ходить, как можно больше, как можно больше, — сказал он.
Старик Болконский, «Война и мир» Льва Толстого

My friend Maia from julia warr on Vimeo.

Прелестнейший 4-хминутный фильм.
Ветхий, поскрипывающий досками домик с террасой и садом, красиво состарившийся, как и сама хозяйка.

Простая музыка, простая жизнь.
Банальное и всегда легко забываемое: счастье, здоровье, долголетие не основаны ни на каких хитростях. Всё просто.

«Мой секрет долголетия – простота, работа и удовольствие». - Майя Хеллес -
“My secret for a long life is simplicity, work & enjoyment.” - Maia Helles –

Поразил рассказ автора фильма, Джулии (Julia Warr), дважды поборовшей рак груди.

Shot on Fire Island, New York. This film ( 4 min. 23 sec) captures the secrets of eternal youth as Maia Helles, a Russian ballet dancer turns 95 but still remains resolutely independent, healthy and as fit as a forty year old.
Made by Julia Warr, artist and filmmaker.
Julia met Maia on a plane 4 years ago and became utterly convinced by the benefits of her daily exercise routine, which Maia perfected with her mother, over 60 years ago, long before exercise classes were ever invented.

Julia Warr generously shared her story with JUiCYHEADS:

I met Maia Helles four years ago. I found her lifestyle very appealing. It is, as she says in 'My Friend Maia' a life of "simplicity, work and enjoyment". She impressed me so much I felt compelled to make the film after a 15 year hiatus! I had been painting full time for the last 15 years, until this point.

Like many people my age, I needed to exercise every day, but was not. I would forget or feel too busy, or I would over-do it and pull muscles, even in Yoga class. Running hurt my lower back too. I found myself visiting a physical therapist once a month. Since I began the Helles method, I have been able to solve all of my difficulties on my own, whether it be a pulled muscle or a more general ache. The routine of stretching and isometrics makes me stronger for the other activities I enjoy, such as skiing and swimming, so I don’t pull muscles anymore.

As a two-time breast cancer survivor, these exercises have helped my surgery-induced aching upper back (due to scar tissue). I would like to help other women with this problem and am researching ways to get the word out. I suppose that thousands of survivors assume that daily back and arm pain is to be expected, and are simply grateful to be alive. I think we deserve more than that. Thanks to Maia, who teaches one to be more aware of your body and what it needs to feel good on a daily basis, I am pain long as I miss no more than a day or two of stretching.

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