Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Зарисовки природы и времен года на NHK World

Зарисовки природы и времен года на NHK World – Four Seasons; Satoyama – ни один канал, разве что какие-нибудь специальные Дискавери и научные, не снимает такой красоты и так дотошно.
Паучок, бабочка, травинка – всё натуральное, но и живописное донельзя, так что кажется постановочным (паучка попросили позировать, ага).
Если пейзаж – умело высвечивают темное.

Japanese serow, японский серау (Capricornis crispus). С мордочкой как у собаки!

Satoyama is a word that represents Japan's unspoilt scenery co-existing with local life and nature. Our foreign guests experienced Japan's Satoyama--natural thickets, rice paddies, and brooks; as well as the native bio-diversity--herons, frogs, and dragonflies.
Photographer Mitsuhiko Imamori has been traveling across Japan to visit and record the splendor of satoyama, an area where nature and human co-exist peacefully. Dedicated to portraying the people's traditional lifestyles in satoyama, he feels that he must record them now, or they will be lost forever. People have lived in the satoyama by using the bounties of nature as sustenance. From this way of life, various environments have been created, which in turn have led to the birth of myriad creatures. Beautifully describing the co-existence between people and nature, Havens of Harmony finds the new attractions of satoyama.

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