Monday, January 13, 2014

BBC road trip with Dubai's Sheikh Mohammed al-Maktoum

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum speaks exclusively to the BBC.

From the house, I got into his white 4x4. The registration number is easy to remember: 1. And that means the car is instantly recognisable on Dubai's roads and motorways. The sheikh likes to drive himself.

From his grandfather's house, we drove through central Dubai with its skyscraper-lined avenues. The sheikh talked about how his vision of modern Dubai came about.
He said he went to Europe with his father as a child and saw that there were proper roads and buildings, instead of tracks through the desert and tents. Dubai today has infrastructure that would rival the best anywhere in the world.

But for all that, Sheikh Mohammed remains true to his Bedouin roots. The journey took us out into the desert, to his hideaway - a literal oasis where all you could hear was the birdsong.

The day before, when we did a recce of this spot where the interview would take place, there was a noisy fountain. We asked could that be turned off. "No problem," said his man.
But then we noticed the roar of aircraft engines overhead. "Don't worry about that either," said the fabulously helpful minder. "We can turn those off too."
And not one plane flew over us all the time we were there. Now that is what you call power.

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