Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bob Geldof: 'This generation too will fail'

Bob Geldof on South2North (Al Jazeera):

He says the youth are right to blame his generation for the problems the world faces today: "All generations fail, but ours more spectacularly than most."

"Your generation will fail as well. You just try and ameliorate the future and steer it in a way that you think will work out. But if you seriously think you will escape this century without horrendous wars, without awful plagues, without deadly famines, if you think you'll escape that, forget it."

Geldof also warns about the perils caused by climate change: "There's no avoiding it now, so now you have to offset the effects. The poorest people, the most vulnerable, those who contributed the least to this, they will be affected the most. Some of the countries out there won't even be here in 20 years."

"Be very careful: wherever you look there's a sense of unease. Name one country where there isn't."

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