Monday, September 30, 2013

осенняя Япония/ autumn in Japan

Autumn Seasonal Fruit ~Kaki (柿)~

Japanese persimmon also known as “Kaki” is one of the famous fruits during fall in Japan. Kaki contains a lot of vitamin C, fiber, mineral, amino acid and so on. It’s very reasonable and can be found in grocery stores! If you are visiting Japan during fall, it would be great to try unique local fruits!

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It is the best time to view Higanbana (red spider lilies) from end of September to October in Japan. In Kinchakuda, Hidaka city, Saitama pref., there are about 5 million Higanbana and it's like a red carpet! From Sep 21st to Oct 6th, "Manjushage (Higanbana) Festival" will be held and street stalls sell special product of Hidaka.
Saitama Prefecture Official:

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Photo of the day is cosmos at Akashi Kaikyo National Government Park in Awaji city, Hyogo pref.
This park has a magnificent view of the sea at Osaka Bay and beautiful flowers bloom in each season.
Cosmos are best viewed from October, please visit and see yourself!
Photo: © Akashi Kaikyo N.G.P./© JNTO
Location information:
Official Website:


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