Thursday, February 07, 2013

из теленовостей: Сотби, Шиле, самолетный peace of mind/ tv-news

В теленовостях:
(вчера) аукцион Сотби доказал, что истинным ценителям искусства мировой экономический кризис неведом;
Earlier in this Tuesday's sale, Egon Schiele's 1914 "Lovers (Self Portrait With Wally)" brought $12 million, earning a record for a Shiele work on paper.

(сегодня на BBC uk, обзор прессы):
Child-free seats offer peace to jet passengers -
To anyone who has ever travelled longhaul accompanied by continuous screaming from the child in front, there will be only one question: why did they make it so cheap?
For a premium of less than £25, passengers flying on a budget airline are being offered soft lighting and something euphemistically described as “peace of mind”.
Specifically, this is the peace of mind of knowing that none of their immediate neighbours is under the age of 12.

Ведущая очень кстати отметила, что дело не только в шуме и беготне между рядами, но и в пинках, которыми детишки обожают награждать кресло впереди сидящего.

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