Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cindy Crawford - Next Challenge Workout

This 1993 video is a one-hour workout combining stop-and-start cardio movements that are athletic (no dance) with muscle endurance moves with and without light weights. The cardio section uses moves like jogging, jumping, leg swings, and power moves such as fast lunge combinations, squats with jumps, and karate kicks. The lower body strengthening moves include variations of lunges and squats using body weight. The upper-body weight exercises are varied but done too quickly--it's easy to rely on momentum. Some of these exercises are oddly chosen: a number of the exercises that are supposed to work the chest fatigue the shoulders and back long before the chest muscles feel anything, for example. You'll certainly feel the many sets of ab exercises, however!

After the fitness experts panned Cindy Crawford's 1992 Shape Your Body because of its risky moves, this one was planned under the supervision of C. Thomas Vangsness Jr., M.D., Chief of Sports Medicine at the University of Southern California. Crawford doesn't fling her body as she did in the first one (why didn't her trainer teach her not to do this in the first place?), and she explains how to do the exercises properly. A glossary of exercises at the end emphasizes correct form. This is certainly better than Shape Your Body, but unless you're wild about Cindy Crawford, you can find workouts conducted by real fitness instructors that are better designed and demonstrated. --Joan Price


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