Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Фотограф Фил Борджес / Phil Borges

Изумительные портреты тибетцев.

Tseten (81 y.o.) was almost 50 when he was forced to give up his large herd of goats and yaks and flee Tibet. He is now one of 2,000 Tibetans living in a refugee camp near Choglamsar, Ladakh where he has only one goat and a small plot of ground to grow some vegetables. He said "because of my Buddhist training I am happy living anywhere".

Pemba (4 y.o.) had come to the little village of Trak Tok with her mother and sister to see the highly elaborate and beautiful shum dance festival on this sunny but bitterly cold December day. She caught my eye in the crowd because of her look of fascination and total concentration on the dancers. She seemed to be transfixed during the entire ceremony in spite of the constant cold wind.

Lobsang (67 y.o.) and 66 fellow monks were imprisoned in 1959. When released 21 years later, he was one of only three survivors. While in prison his best friend, a rinpoche, died in his arms. Tensin (13 y.o.) was later discovered to be the reincarnation of that friend. Lobsang said there are so many characteristics of his old friend in the young boy.

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